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Summary and Research Interests

My research interests are in the history of economics, especially including the formation of reproduction theory from Phisiocracy and Smith to Marx, the theory of reproduction scheme of Marx and contemporary gender theory. I have published a book, articles and note in journals and edited volumes. I am a member of several societies; The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought (Keizaigakushi-gakkai), Japan Society of Political Economy (Keizairiron-gakkai), The Political Economy and Economic History Society (Tochiseidoshi-gakkai), The Society for Education of Political Economy (Keizaigakukyoiku-gakkai) , Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Marx-Engels-Forscher; Japan (Marx-Engels Kenkyuusha-no-kai) etc. I am on the editorial member of Marx-Engels-Marxisism-Forschung, and a chief editor of the Journal ("Computer & Education") of CIEC (Council for Improvement of Education through Computers).

I shall never forget date 11th September, 2001. I signed two appeals; 1)'Appeal from Japanese Scholars of Political Economy to All the People and States of the World - Call for the Rational Actions to Eradicate the Vicious Cycle of Indiscriminate Terrorism and Military Actions - ' 2)'Declaration: We Oppose Indiscriminate Acts of Terrorism and Retaliatory War - Japanese Scholars of the History of Economic Thought Appeal to the World - '.


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