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This page is maintained by Akama Michio (Akama is my family name, Michio is my given name; In Japan, the individual's family name is normally given first, followed by the given name), Professor at Department of Comprehensive Policy Making, Faculty of Law and Letters of Ehime University. I welcome any comments you may care to make on my web page. Mail to, please.

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AKAMAC E-text Links
These links contact E-text relevant to the history of economic thought or social thought. I have about 170 authors and other few materials in this page. And it contains not only e-text links, but also brief biographical and reference materials on authours featured. Akamac E-text Links is constantly under construction. New links are added, errors are corrected. Fortunately for my work, many sites put links to this page and are a great encouragement to me. Many Thanks.
My project just take off! Firstly, I choose to start converting Marx's "Das Kapital" that I have partially translated from German to Japanese and has not been published on other Web sites to my knowledge. Of course, "Das Kapital" is original text (German). Text I used is the edition of "Marx-Engels Werke" (MEW), i.e. the forth edition. Stepping on it gradually, I wish I could perform this and follow more famous texts in the original for the purpose of study and research.
Now, I put up Marx's "Theorien ?ber den Mehrwert" with assistance of Hans Ehrbar who is my good cooperator.
New materials that seem to be intersting and exciting have been added to this corner.
1star image  akamac book review (My blog, Japanese)

My blog for book reviews and introductions that I had already written in various journals and magagines. I will write new reviews or introductions in this blog.

Marx-Engels-Marxismus-Forschung, Japan (Mainly Japanese, Partially German)
Marx-Engels-Marxismus-Forschung is edited by Japanese scholars Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Marx-Engels-Forscher. I'm one of members editting this academic journal that is published by Hassaku-sha quarterly, Tokyo. Sorry, now, Mainly Japanese, partially German.
1starAKAMAC Open Course Ware (Japanese)
Open Course Ware for my lectures from 2006.

Mail Magazine "Study about Japan" (Japanese)
This magazine is edited by Naoki Inose, a Japanese famaous writer. I join in the project as a main member.

JSHET is the abbreviation of "The Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought". I manage JSHET home page with other JSHET committee members; Masaharu Hattori (Rikkyo University), Aiko Ikeo (Waseda University), Ikuo Omori (Waseda University), Satoshi Niimura (Okayama University) and Shoichi Hashimoto (Kansai University). I maintain also JSHET mailing list with Kiichiro Yagi (Kyoto University).

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