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Karl Marx, Das Kapital (4. Auflage, MEW), Erster Band

I mark original page on text as {123} and footnote as [45]. And more I omit "Anfang und Register" of original text. I began to this project unassisted, but my friends thoughout the Internet gave advice and assistance to me as I express my thanks to them at a pertinent place. I realize that Network makes powerful!
On detailed information of Marx (and Engels), you are referred to my other materials.
This page has a mirror copy in The Marx/Engels Archive at Colorado University. And you can get the same archive at The Marx/Engels Internet Archive as "The Marx/Engels Archive at Colorado University" too.
The first complete text files have been completed! It's Das Marxsche Kapital im Internet. rtf (rich text format) and zip file. Each file is 1,03 MB, 504 KB and 955 KB.

Direct download in below;

Vorworte und Nachworte

Erstes Buch/Der Produktionsproze§ des Kapitals/Erster Abschnitt/Ware und Geld

//Zweiter Abschnitt/Die Verwandlung von Geld in Kapital

//Dritter Abschnitt/Die Produktion des absoluten Mehrwerts

//Vierter Abschnitt/Die Produktion des relativen Mehrwerts

//Fünfter Abschnitt/Die Produktion des absoluten und relativen Mehrwerts

//Sechster Abschnitt/Die Arbeitslohn

//Siebenter Abschnitt/Der Akkumulationsprozeß des Kapitals

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