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This page contains several contemporary texts that I am interested in. These texts are still under copyright, so you have to pay attention to quote them.

Rolf Hecker, Computerfreaks, vereinigt euch!, Neues Deutschland, 24.2.1998, S.14 (in German; Rolf Hecker©copyright)

This article was already in public print as a part of the special issue "Kommunistischen Manifest" in the "Neues Deutschland". I reprint by courtesy of Prof. Rolf Hecker into my page. Contact to him (r.hecker@t-online.de) and visit his web site about "Marx-Engels-Forschung und -Edition".

Hans G. Ehrbar, Annotations to Karl Marx's Capital, Study guide for his class at Economics Department, University of Utah (Hans G. Ehrbar©copyright)

This study guide is available in two versions (pdf format). A bilingual version contains the text of important passages of Capital in German as well as in English. Another one is the version which has only the English text. To view, navigate and print these have need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I put this study guide by courtesy of Prof. Hans G. Ehrbar into my page. Special thanks to him. For more information, contact to him (ehrbar@econ.utah.edu or Hans.Ehrbar@m.cc.utah.edu) and see his announcement and his web site.

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