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Karl Marx, Theorien Ÿber den Mehrwert, Zweiter Teil (Achtes bis achtzehntes Kapitel) (MEW, 26.2)

I mark original page on text as {123}, footnote of MEW as [45] and page of manuscript as ||678| or |901|| (the former starting page, the latter ending page). And more I omit "Anfang und Register" of original text. I began to this project with Hans Ehrbar who is my friendly cooperator and send to me many text files with scientific exactitude. I owe my this project more to him than to myself. I realize that Network makes powerful!
On detailed information of Marx (and Engels), you are referred to my other materials.
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Zehntes Kapitel. Ricardos und A. Smiths Theorie Ÿber den Kostenpreis. (Widerlegung)

Siebzehntes Kapitel. Ric[ardos] Akkumulationstheorie Kritik derselben (Entwicklung der Krisen aus der Grundform des Kapitals)

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