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Carey, H. C (1793.12.15-1879.10.13)

Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvalia, USA.
Posts Held Publisher and other business interests.
Publications Books:1.Essay on the Rate of Wages (1835, 1960); 2. Principles of Political Economy, 3 vols. (1837-1940, 1960); 3. The Past, the Present and the Future (1818); 4.The Slave Trade (1853, 1862); 5.Principles of Social Science, 3 vols (1858-60, 1963).
Career A businessman-economist with a distinctly American view of the subject; his prolific writings condentrated on the harmony of economic interests. This involved a break with Malthus' and Ricardo's ideas on free trade, population, rent and wages. Increasingly he became a committed protectionist, arguing in The Slave Trade that protection would end slavery in the South by stimulation industry and fostering economic links with the North. His works made extensive use of historical and statistical data, the latter frequently presented in graphic terms. His long-term influence on economics has been slight despite the wide currency of his writings in his own time.
Secondary Literature A. D. H. Kaplan, Henry Chales Carey: A Study in American Economic Thought (Johns Hopkins University Press); H. W. Spiegel, `Carey, Henry C.', International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , D. L. Sills (ed.) (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968), vol. 2.

Extract from The Harmony of Interests: Agricultural, Manufacturing & Commercial (1851) (
Extract from The Slave Trade, Domestic and Foreign (1853) (

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