Ingram, J. K (1823.7.7-1907.5.1)
Birthplace Temple Carne, Donegal, Ireland.
Posts Held Fellow, Prof. Oratory, Regius Prof. Greek, Lebrarian, Vice-Provost, Trinity Coll., Univ. Dublin, 1846, 1852, 1866-77, 1879-87, 1898-9.
Degrees BA Trinity Coll., Univ. Dublin, 1843.
Offices Founder, Stat. and Social Enquiry Soc. Irland; Ed., Hermathena.
Publications Books: 1. A History of Political Economy, (1888, 1967).
Career A firm adherent of Comte and spokesman for historical economics in Britain, who also shone in the fields of law, literature, the classics and mathematics. His attack on classical economics encompassed its methodology and its conclusions. The latter the characterised as apologies for the employing classes. His History... was extremely successful, being frequently translated and serving as a textbook till the 1920s. Its polemical Comtist tone now renders it obsolete. In it Ingram is drawn into extreme positions, such as his condemnation of mathematical economics as completely sterile.
Secondary Literature C. L. Falkiner, Memoir of John Kells Ingram (1907).

A History of Political Economy (1888) (
A History of Political Economy (1888) (
A History of Political Economy (1888) (

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