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List, F (1789.8.6-1846.11.30)
Birthplace Reutlingen, Germany.
Posts Helds Prof. Polit. Econ., Univ. TŸbingen, 1817-9; Journalist, businessman, USA, 1825-32; Amer. Consul, Leipzig and Baden.
Offices Member, Legistature of WŸrttemberg, 1820; Founder, Das Zoovereinsblatt, 1843.
Publications Books:1.Outlines of Political Economy (1827, 1931); 2. The Natural System of Political Economy (1837, 1983); 3. The National System of Political Economy, (1841, 1928). 4. Schriften, Reden, Briefe, 10 vols (1927-36).
Career Whilst a political exile in US, he was encouraged by a protectionist organisation to write the Outlines... in which he drafted the national system of political economy that was more completely realised in his 1841 book. His emphasis was on political factors and particularly the significandce of the nation. His enthusiastic promotion of railways was partially because of their role in the economic integration of the German states of the Zollverein. His advocacy of protection has been treated as if it were general, rather than an recognition of the need for protection in certain stages of political and economic development; he was in fact no doctrinaire protectionist.
Secondary Literature E. Salin and R. L. Frey, `List, Friedrich', International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , D. L. Sills (ed.) (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968), vol. 9; W. O. Henderson, Friedrich List. Economist and Visionary 1789-1846 (Franc Cass, 1983)

The National System of Political Economy (Part 1-4) (
The National System of Political Economy (Part 1-4) (
The National System of Political Economy (Part 1-4) (

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