Mises, L. E. von (1881.9.29-1973.10.10)
Birthplace Lemberg, Austro-Hungary.
Posts Held Prof., Univ. Vienna, 1913-38, Prof., Grad. Inst. Int. Stud., Geneva, 1934-40; Prof., NYU, 1945-69.
Degree Dr. Univ. Vienna, 1906.
Offices and Honours Founder, Mont Pelerin Soc.; Adviser, Austrian Chamber of Commerce, 1909-34; Founder, Austrian Inst. Bus. Cycle Res., 1926.
Publications Books:1.The Thory of Money and Credit (1912, 1953, 1981); 2. Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (1922, 1959); 3. The Free and Prosperous Commonwealth, (1927, 1962); .4. Die Ursachen der Wirtschaftskrise, (1933, 1960); 5. Epistemological Problems of Economics, (1933, 1960); 6. Nationalökonomie: Theorie des Handels und Wirtschaftens, (1940); 7. Human Action, (1949, 1966); 8. Theory and History, (1957); 9. The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, (1962).
Career The leading twentieth-century figure of the Austrian School, he developed a once widely accepted theory of business cycles in whiche booms result from bank credit expansion. His other main contribution was the demonstration that socialist planning could not achieve a rational allocation of resources because of its lack of a true price system. He extended this argument to a general critique of government intervention in a private enterprise economy. He was deeply interested in epistemological questions and developed his own methodology, known as praxeology, which laid heavy stress on individual choises and purposive human action as the a priori foundation of valid economic reasoning. He is today hailed as the founding father of the 'new' Austrian School.
Secondary Literature M N Rothbart, 'Von Mises, Ludwig', IESS, 16; L S Moss, ed., The Economics of Ludwig von Mises (Sheed & Ward, 1974); M N Rothbart, 'On Mises', Contemporary Economists in Perspective, eds. W H Spiegel, W J Samuels (JAI Press, 1984); M N Rothbart, 'Mises, Ludwig Edler von', "New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, eds. J Eatwell, M Milgate, P Newman (Stockton, 1987)

Human Action (Fourth edition copyright 1996) (mises.org)
Economic Freedom and Interventionism (mises.org)
Theory and History (mises.org)
Epistemological Problems of Economics (mises.org)
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Money, Method and the Market Process (mises.org)
The Theory of Money and Credit (mises.org)
Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (mises.org)

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Human Action (mises.org)
Liberalism (mises.org)
The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science (mises.org)
Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth (mises.org)
Economic Freedom and Interventionism (mises.org)
Epistemological Problems of Economics (mises.org)
The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics (mises.org)
Liberty and Property (mises.org)
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Money, Method, and the Market Process (mises.org)
Nation, State, and Economy (mises.org)
Theory and History (mises.org)
Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor (mises.org)
Making Economic Sense (mises.org)
What Has Government Done to Our Money? (mises.org)
The Anatomy of the State (mises.org)
An Introduction to Austrian Economics (mises.org)
The Philosophicial Origins of Austrian Economics (mises.org)
Methodology of the Austrian School Economists (mises.org)
Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays (mises.org)
Mises Made Easier (mises.org)
Economic Science and the Austrian Method (mises.org)
The Question of Apriorism (mises.org)

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