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Say, J. B (1767.1.5-1832.11.15)

Birthplace Lyon, France.
Posts Held Journalist and Ed., La Décade, 1793-99; Cotton manufacturer, 1806-13; Prof. Industrial Econ., Conservatorie des Arts et Métiers, Paris, 1817; Prof. Polit. Econ., Collège de France, Paris, 1830-2.
Offices and Honours Member, French Tribunate, 1799-1806.
Publications Books: 1. A Treatise on Political Economy (1803, 1880, 1971); 2. Catechism of Political Economy (1815); 3. Letters to Malthus (1821, 1965); 4. Cours complet d'économie politique pratique, 6 vols (1828-9, 1852).
Career Inspired by Smith's Wealth of Nations, he wrote his Treatise... which introduced Smithian ideas to France and other European countries. His analysis developed beyond Smith's, including an emphasis on the role of the entrepreneur. The famous law of markets (Say's law) became widely accepted of market forces to produce equilibrium of production and demand. His influence dominated officially-taught economics in France for most of the nineteenth century: unorthodox views and different approaches tended to be kept outside the conventionalacademic world and were confined to such institutions as the écoles which trained engineers.
Secondary Literature G. Leduc, `Say, Jean-Baptiste', International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , D. L. Sills (ed.) (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968), vol. 14.

Traité d'économie politique ( (publ: publ. par Horace Say. Paris: INALF, 1961-. Reprod. de l'éd. de Paris: Bulnaumin, 1841))
Letters to Malthus (1821) (
Letters to Malthus (1821) (
Letters to Malthus (1821) (

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