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Senior, N. W (1790.9.26-1864.6.4)

Birthplace Compton Beauchamp, England.
Posts Held Lawyer; Drummond Prof., Univ. Oxford, 1825-30, 1847-52.
Degrees BA, MA Univ. Oxford, 1812, 1815.
Offices and Honours Farrister, 1819; Member, Plolit. Econ. Club, 1823; Member, numerous govt. Comms, including Poor Laws, 1833, Factory conditions, 1837, Popular education, 1857.
Publications Books:1.Two Lectures on Population (1829); 2. Three Lectures on the Transmission of the Precious Metals (1828, 1931); 3. Three Lectures on the costs of Obtaining Money, (1830, 1931); 4. An Outline of the Science of Political Economy, (1836, 1951); 5. Letters on the Factory Act, (1837); 6. Lecture on the Production of Wealth, (147); 7. Four Introductory Lectures on Political Economy, (1852); 8. Historical and Philosophical Essays 2 vols (1865).
Career As an adviser to the Whig party, he exercised a marked influence on social and economic policy during the 1830s. He also made considerable theoretical contributions in the lectures given during his terms as Drummond Professor. His rigorous restatement of the theory of value, his abstinence theory of capital, his treatment of population, money and international trade, and his distinction between the science and art of political economy, all recieved favourable notice.
Secondary Literature M. Bowley, Nassau Senior and Calssical Economics (Kelly, 1949); M. Bowley, `Senior, Nassau William', International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , D. L. Sills (ed.) (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968), vol. 14.

Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages (1830) (
Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages (1830) (
Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages (1830) (

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