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Walras, M. E. L (1834.12.16-1910.1.4)

Birthplace Evreux, France.
Post Held Journalist, railway official, bank employee; Prof., Univ. Lausanne, 1870-92.
Degree Bacc. (lettres), (science), Univ. Paris, 1851, 1853
Publications Books: 1. L'èconomie politique et la justice (1860); 2. Recherche de l'idèal social (1868); 3. Elements of Pure Economics (1874-7, 1926, 1954); 4. Thèorie mathèmatique du bimètallisme (1881); 5. Etudes d'èconomie sociale (1896, eds. F. Rouge, R. Picher and R. Durand Anzies, 1936, 1983); 6. Etudes d'èconomie politique appliquèe (1898, 1936); 7. Correspondence of Leon Walras and Related Papers, 3 vols, ed. W. Jaffè (1965).
Career Co discoverer with Jevons and Menger of marginal utility theory, he was also the first economist to produce a multi-equitional model of general equilibrium. He dividede his economic work into three parts; pure, applied and social, the latter being normative and concerned with questions of justice. His first economic publication (1860) was in this area and very much in the tradition of the work of his father, Auguste. On obtaining the Lausanne chair, he concentrated on pure economics and taught himself mathematics. The results appear in the Elements... which, through successive editions, became an increasingly sophisticated version of his general equilibrium model. He also did significant work on monetary reform, concentration on bimetallism an dthe question of bank note issue. However, he was never able to produce the systematic treatises on applied and social economics which he had envisaged. Though well known to economists of his time through his voluminous correspondance, true appreciation of his monumental achievements only came posthumously in the 1930s.
Secondary Literature W. Jaffè, `Walras, Leon', International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences , D. L. Sills (ed.) (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968), vol. 16; William Jaffè's Essays on Walras, ed. D. A. Walker (CUP, 1983). [Mark Blaug, Great Economists Before Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives and Works of One Hundread Great Economists of the Past , Brighton: Wheatsheaf, 1986.]

L'Ètat et les Chemins de Fer (
L'Ètat et les Chemins de Fer (
L'Ètat et les Chemins de Fer (
Notice autobiographique ( Publié in: William Jaffé (éd.), Correspondence of Léon Walras and Related Papers , North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1965, vol. I, pp. 1-15.

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